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Essential Learning Outcomes (ELO)


The Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs) are a comprehensive set of learning goals that are fostered and developed across a student's entire educational experience. They reflect the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to meet the challenges of an ever-changing and complex world. The ELOs prepare students for future employment, life, and citizenship. With the achievement of these outcomes, UVU graduates will possess breadth and depth of knowledge, highly developed intellectual and practical skills, commitment to personal and social responsibility, awareness of the interdependence of communities, and the ability to synthesize and apply their learning to solve complex real-world problems.

Integrative and Applied Learning: 

A student will engage in discipline-appropriate experiences with the academic and broader community through integrated and applied learning.

Intellectual and Practical Skills Foundation: 

A student will acquire a foundation of intellectual and practical skills including communication, quantitative reasoning, qualitative reasoning (critical, analytical, and creative thinking), and technical and information literacies.

People of Integrity: 

A student will become personally and socially responsible by acquiring, developing and demonstrating skills in ethical reasoning and understanding.

Professional Competency: 

A student will demonstrate professional competence by meeting the established standards of the discipline, working as a valued member of a team, effectively formulating and solving problems, and actively seeking and honing lifelong learning skills.

Stewards of Place: 

A student will demonstrate stewardship of local , national, and global communities by cultivating awareness of: interdependence among those communities; issues within those communities; and organizations and skills that address such issues.

Knowledge Foundation:

A student will demonstrate knowledge of human cultures and the physical and natural world in the following areas of essential study: arts, history, humanities, languages, science and mathematics, social sciences. Knowledge Foundation refers to GE Distribution courses and other courses and experiences within the major.