Director's Message

Director Rick Griffin

It is an honor to serve as the founding director of the Center for Constitutional Studies, and to share with others my deep appreciation for the principles of American constitutionalism, the contributions of the founding fathers, and the "Miracle at Philadelphia" – The United States Constitution. While the Constitution has benefited from select amendments, the tried and tested principles that the framers set forth in 1787 have enriched and protected the lives of countless millions. Because the Constitution is the political blueprint and fundamental law of the nation, it is of enormous importance that citizens understand it. Supporters of constitutional studies have long requested an academic institute of this stature to address this important area of study, and at last, it is here. As the director of the Center, and as the father of bright-eyed, beautiful children, I recognize that the decisions of today affect the generations of tomorrow. Hence, the Center is committed to putting forth a high quality, scholarly, constitutional studies program that promulgates the principles of the Constitution. Thank you for helping us fulfill the Center's important mission.

   Rick A. Griffin, J.D., Ph.D., L.L.M., J.S.D.
   Center for Constitutional Studies
   Utah Valley University