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The following services are provided at no cost to students and alumni through the Career Development Center.

Find the Job you REALLY want today!

Whether you are looking for a Part-time or Full-time Off-campus job, we can help you to find the job that best meets your short-term and long-term goals. The work you do today can help you prepare for the career you are working to achieve.

"I can't get the job without experience and I can't get experience without the job."

We know how to help you get past this age-old problem. Come by and we'll show you how to spice up your life today while making this a problem you never even encounter.

Explore Careers

Are you just not certain what you want to do for a career? After all, that is what all of this schooling is leading towards. Do you wonder how well you'll like the jobs you can get once you've earned your degree? Maybe you know what you want, but you don't know how to get there. We can guide you to the answers, help you to "try on" career options, and get you "connected" to those who can open doors and help you choose the way that best works for YOU!

Network, Build Your Foundation, and DO IT NOW!

Get up and make your life happen! Everything you need to succeed is not sitting in the classroom. Be pro-active and, certainly, do not wait for graduation or until you are desperately in need of a job. Take advantage of the fact that we bring employers and contacts right to you.

Often, the very people you would struggle to get a meeting with are waiting to talk to you at our Internship and Career Fairs, Employer Information Sessions, as well as Part-time and Community Job Fairs. Practice networking, build a good base of contacts, gain knowledge of employers and potential jobs, and then enjoy the opportunities that come your way when you are ready to make your move!

Career Development: Your Own Career Counselor

Do you know what you could be doing in your Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years to help you reach your dreams today and in the future? We have excellent counselors who are experts in helping you take the steps you need to succeed. Take a few minutes to stop in and find out what we can do to help you.

Those students who discover our terrific counselors and get started early will tell you how much of a boost it was to them, and how much more they could do than they had even imagined was possible!

Graduate School

So you're having such a good time going to school that you think you'll just keep going! We can help you explore graduate school programs through our annual Graduate School Fair. In addition, we have computerized practice entrance exams and study materials on reserve and a private study room to help you earn the scores you need. We'll show you how to manage the application process in order to make your goals become a reality


About CDC Services for Schools, Departments and Faculty


  1. Labor Market: Salary and Wages (changes, trends, listed by: major at the national, regional, or state levels)
  2. Companies/Organizations (location, personnel, associations, etc.)
  3. Career Fair Schedules
  4. Data collected on prospective graduates by major and employment of grads
  5. How to help students find a job, internship/co-op from the Wolverine Career Link

Additional research regarding employment-related data available upon request

Class Presentations

  1. Provide presentations upon request to individual classes or capstone class on:
    • Job search strategies
    • Resume writing
    • Behavior-based interviewing techniques
    • Preparing for career fairs
    • Professional networking
    • Wolverine Career Link
  2. Arrange for class visits to related companies


  1. Bring visitors from business and industry to campus, introduce to Dean /Department Chair(s) / Faculty
  2. Arrange site visits to companies for Dean / Department Chair(s) / Faculty
  3. Market Career Development Center, Schools and Programs to employers

Career Fairs

  1. Sponsor Career Fairs to bring increasing numbers and quality of employers to campus to interact with faculty and students.
  2. Mini-fairs focusing on school and majors.


  1. Provide services and assistance to students: individually or in groups (e.g. clubs, workshops, etc.)
  2. Open to developing other requested services that are beneficial to schools/departments/faculty/students


Check Out Our Services!

The following services are provided through the Career Development Center

Recruiting UVU Students

When you come to UVU, you enjoy the benefits of a diverse student population. Many of our students have already gained valuable work experience prior to, and while attending UVU. Our academic efforts include a strong focus on helping our students to obtain "real-world" learning. So, when you want choices and practical application, UVU is here to help you find the employees that can best meet your needs.

Fairs, Fairs & More Fairs

Every year we offer a Fall and a Spring Internship and Career Fair. As students return in the Fall, we also offer a Part-time Job Fair. In addition, we open our doors to everyone during our annual Community Job Fair.

We also offer a Graduate School Fair for those who are continuing their education beyond a Bachelor degree. And to round it out, our schools offer other events that are customized to their specialized offerings.

Visibility Opportunities

UVU has over 25,000 students from all walks of life. We have many programs that will help you to reach out to this large population and provide a wealth of resources. We will provide a forum for you to offer Information Sessions on your company and potential job opportunities. In addition, you can set up On-campus Interviews to quickly and easily conduct a quality job search. Recruiting tables are available throughout the year in high-traffic areas to help you easily contact a large number of students in a short time.

Would you like to share what you have learned with others? We are looking for volunteer guest speakers to contribute by offering their actual experiences. In addition, we have opportunities for sponsorships and partnerships.

Your benefits can include being added to our Hot Jobs Website, Plasma Screen, Marketing Materials and more. This could be the start of a beautiful relationship!

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