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Our adult community and continuing education courses offer a variety of informative and engaging classes such as photography, cooking, art, health, fitness, home improvement, sewing, gardening or nearly any hobby or skill you're interested in learning at our campuses in Utah and Wasatch county.

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 Youth Education & Camps

Youth Camps

Kids and teens have a strong desire to learn and experience new things. Keep them active and healthy with several fun and engaging learning opportunities by enrolling them into archery, cooking, dance, language, math, martial arts, music, sports and a variety of other classes.

Youth camps are exciting, unique learning experiences kids really love!  They include aviation classes, dance and cheer camps, math camps where students build rockets, computer programming, and robotics. Youth camps are generally available during the spring and summer months. 
Check out the camps that are currently available at this time.  Youth camps fill up fast - sign up now. 

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