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Exercise Tips
For People Who Hate Exercise

Not everyone wants to hit it hard at the gym or adhere to a rigorous exercise routine. And that’s okay! For maintaining fitness in the long term, the goal should be sustainable exercise habits that align with our personalities, interests, and unique needs.

You’re much more likely to stick to your fitness goals if your exercise doesn’t feel like a chore.

Here are a few tips and tricks on upping your activity levels organically (and with less dread).

Walk the Dog. (Or just yourself.)

No, seriously. A simple walk is one of the best ways to get in some exercise. Walking is underrated in the world of exercise because it seems so simple, but it will absolutely elevate your heart rate and wake up your body. Bonus: The Anxiety & Depression Association of America reports that a 10-minute walk every day can reduce anxiety and stress!

Go Outside.

Have you seen where we live? It’s incredible! Utah is spoiled for choice when it comes to hiking trails, walking paths, and beautiful landscapes. No membership dues or special equipment is required for indulging in a stress-relieving nature walk or hike.

Clean Your House.

Household chores probably aren’t anything you look forward to, but you can totally give yourself some credit for burning calories while obliterating dirt, germs, and dust. Pro tip: Google “mop socks” for inspiration. Work smarter not harder and get in your exercise while you make your house shine.

Do What’s Fun For You.

So long as it’s a physical activity that gets you off the couch, any activity can count as exercise. Whether it’s riding a bike, roller skating, or dancing alone in your living room to your favorite jams, there’s plenty of ways to put your body to work without it feeling like work. It doesn’t have to be complicated; if you enjoy it and it makes your body move, it’s exercise! And you’re much more likely to keep it up if you’re having a good time.

Try a Community Ed Class.

Community education classes are an affordable and low-stakes way to explore your options when it comes to physical activity. No membership dues, no subscription fees, and no pressure—just fun. If a standard exercise class bores you, try something more artistic like Contemporary Dance. Or maybe you want to learn the basics of weight lifting so you can continue your own regimen at home? Try Women’s Weights and Sculpting. Or maybe you and your significant other are looking for a way to exercise that will also double as date night? Try Country Western Dance or Ballroom Dance. A Community Education class is a low-stress way to get your body moving, explore what’s possible, and make new friends along the way.

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