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Learn & Work in Utah

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Looking to skill up, advance professionally, or qualify for a better, in-demand job?

UVU is now accepting applications for several high-quality, short-term training programs at no cost for qualified Utah residents.

These accelerated programs cover a wide range of disciplines, and in some cases, can be applied toward earning a degree at UVU. Tuition for these programs is covered entirely by the Learn & Work In Utah program, an initiative supported by the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED), Talent Ready Utah, and the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE).

Application Deadline

August 7th, 2021

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Learn & Work Success Stories

Mitzi Fox - Data Analytics

After completing the Business Data Analytics program as part of the Learn & Work program at UVU, Mitzi Fox says "I landed the job of my dreams."

Mitzi Fox is just one of the many people more gainfully employed thanks to the Learn & Work program at UVU and the programs offered through Executive Education. Fox expresses gratitude for how much she learned through her Learn & Work funded program, emphasizing that it gave her the confidence she needed "to apply for a position that I thought was way above me."

"I landed the job of my dreams."

It wasn't long after completing her program that Fox was offered a senior position at a financial firm. As an annuity operations specialist, Fox will oversee distribution, marketing, IT, and bringing new annuity products to the public sector.

Fox's participation in the Learn & Work program has improved her professional skill set and increased her confidence in her own capabilities. She notes with pride that taking the Business Data Analytics program and landing a better job has significantly increased her earnings.

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Jon Spell - Data Analytics

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Last year, in the early days of the pandemic, Jon Spell was laid off. Although Spell was an experienced data engineer, he recognized that gaining new skills would give him an edge in a job market that was, at the time, quickly drying up. He described the Learn & Work program as an opportunity to get "hands-on knowledge that could potentially land me a job."

Spell chose the Business Data Analyst program offered through UVU Executive Education because it was within his line of work but covered in-demand skills he was not familiar with, like Tableau and advanced Excel techniques. "Tableau was one of the things I was most looking forward to in the class because it was really in demand," Spell noted.

"The whole class experience definitely boosted my confidence."

Spell observed that he got more out of his Learn & Work class than just acquiring in-demand skills. "Just participating in class discussions helped me feel more like a normal person, rather than what many were experiencing at that time–all of us shut in and fearful of human contact. The professor was very encouraging and supportive, far beyond what I would expect from a typical college teacher. . .the whole class experience definitely boosted my confidence."

Jon Spell credits his willingness to continue his education and the soft skills he picked up in class with helping him land a new position as a Data Engineer at a local software company.

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Lenora Chase - Principles of Software Testing

Lenora Chase headshot

Lenora Chase described herself as being "in a bit of a rut" when she was unable to find work after losing her job to the impacts of COVID-19. Despite being an experienced software engineer who had owned her own business, Chase discovered that "contracts were no longer available" and the companies that were hiring were looking for experience she didn't have. That’s when she found the Learn & Work program at UVU.

According to Chase, the Principles of Software Testing program offered through UVU Executive Education was ideal because "It covered everything I had largely skipped over during my career as an independent developer." She reports that "the instructors assured us that they would provide us with everything we needed to know in order to acquire a QA (Quality Analyst) position upon completion." And she says the class delivered on that promise.

"I still reflect back on what I learned and am using that knowledge to be the best I can be at my job today."

As a participant in this program, Chase emphasizes that her class was integral in helping her land her current job. "During my first interview," she explains, "I used everything I had learned from the program to answer many questions I would not have been prepared for otherwise. I was also given multiple tests to demonstrate my knowledge on the spot and was very proud of my performance each time."

In her new position as a QA specialist, Chase reports that she is enjoying "the comfort, peace of mind, and financial stability I had been seeking for a very long time."

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