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Top 4 Reasons to get "Le-Hyped"

about UVU's new Lehi Campus

“Lehi and north Utah County are, without question, great hubs of ideas, innovation, and growth.”

-Astrid S. Tuminez, President of UVU

In the spirit of giving more to Utah Valley, in more ways, and in more places, UVU is opening its doors to northern Utah county and beyond.

UVU purchased the property at 2912 Executive Parkway within the Thanksgiving Point area in May of 2020. Since then, remodeling has been underway to turn the UVU Lehi Campus into an anchor of diverse educational opportunities and greater accessibility in our service region.

Read on to get "Le-Hyped"

1.  Culinary classes in our all-new teaching kitchen.

culinary class

Ready to brush up on your culinary skills? Our all-new teaching kitchen will host a variety of cooking classes from cake decorating, to International Cuisine, to Instant Pot basics. And because it’s a "warming" kitchen, this means it's a safe place for aspiring junior chefs to sharpen their culinary chops.

Bonus: the teaching kitchen also functions as a staging area for catering, meaning the campus can support delicious craft services during conferences and events.

2.  Educational opportunities for everyone.

No matter your age or your interests, UVU’s Lehi Campus has a little something for everyone. Is your child interested in learning to code? We've got that. Looking for a yoga class in Lehi? Come stretch with us. Feeling adventurous? Try Belly dancing. Want to learn how to use Photoshop better? Let us help. Or maybe you’re a current or future student at nearby MTECH? Thanks to MTECH’s partnership with UVU, MTECH students will have the option to simply drive down the street to take college credit courses at the new Lehi campus.

With quality classes from Community, Professional, Executive Education, our UVU Lehi campus is prepared to offer quality education that will help you thrive personally and professionally.

yoga vinyasa flow

3.  Location, location, location.

lehi map

What’s within a 3-minute walk from Lehi’s Frontrunner Station?

UVU’s Lehi Campus.

What’s within a few miles of exit 284 on 1-15?

Also UVU’s Lehi Campus.

Whether you're taking a night class, dropping your kid off for a summer camp, or attending a professional conference, you’ll find UVU's Lehi Campus is an easily accessible hub of educational opportunity.

With such a prime location, our Lehi Campus is ideal for commuters coming from the north or south. And don’t forget; the campus is surrounded by a plethora of places to eat, places to stay, and places to play, making our campus an optimal destination for welcoming out-of-towners to executive retreats and professional conferences.

4.  UVU’s Lehi Campus is creating greater synergy with Silicon Slopes in order to boost our local economy.

UVU's President Tuminez explains this part best. "Early in my tenure, I was very excited to learn about Silicon Slopes and the potential synergies between industry and academia. The UVU campus at Thanksgiving Point is a physical location that will facilitate these powerful synergies. As we forge closer partnerships with industry, I am confident that students, families, employers, and Utah's economy will be the clear beneficiaries."

The new UVU Lehi campus is strategically positioned to be right in the heart of Lehi’s tech industry boom. This extension of the university will not only support local residents, but local workforce needs as well with professional development services to our new corporate neighbors.

president tuminez