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The Top 5 Reasons
Why Your Teen Should be in Concurrent Enrollment

It’s back-to-school season and if you’re the parent of a teenager, you’ve been busy with back-to-school shopping, paying fees, and getting all of your teenager’s ducks in a row.

With bitter-sweet recognition, you’ve probably noticed that your child isn’t so little anymore and that they’re only years away from young adulthood. While you’re juggling the myriad of ways to help them as best you can, we hope you won’t forget to consider Concurrent Enrollment (CE).

In case you didn’t know, Concurrent Enrollment (sometimes called dual enrollment) is a program that allows teen students to earn college credit while still in high school. UVU has partnered with 53 high schools to provide 110 unique courses that offer college credit to students just like yours.

If you’re unfamiliar with Concurrent Enrollment and why it’s such an awesome opportunity for your student, read on!

1. Save money on college tuition.

Even at an affordable state university like UVU, the college tuition price tag can de-motivate students from even considering higher education. But when your student takes a CE course in high school, they are paying a fraction of the price for collegiate level credits that will seamlessly transfer to UVU. Knowing they’ve already earned these credits while in high school will help them get their foot in the door of higher education and get them on their way for less money spent.

2. Save time & increase your teen’s likelihood of completing college.

Did you know that it takes the average college student six years to complete a four-year degree? Sounds daunting, but what if you could whittle away at the hurdles and obstacles that can make college such a time-consuming venture? You can, with Concurrent Enrollment. Studies have shown that students who complete their general education requirements sooner (like math and English) are more likely to persist in their education and finish college. Your teen is already spending hours at high school—make those hours count for more with Concurrent Enrollment.

3. Accommodations for IEP students still exist within Concurrent Enrollment.

Many parents of students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) assume that the accelerated nature of Concurrent Enrollment courses precludes their child from participating. But don’t forget—your student’s IEP entitles them to accommodations not only in high school but also in college. This means that your IEP student can benefit from CE courses, get on the path to higher education at UVU, and still have their individualized needs honored.

4. Free UTA pass for students taking 1+ credit.

Because who doesn’t like free? Concurrent enrollment students enjoy many of the same perks that regular UVU students enjoy, which includes a free UTA pass. With this pass, your teen is empowered to use Front Runner (and UTA buses) to reach UVU’s main campus or our satellite campus in Lehi, where CE advisors are located.

5. Access to university tutoring, academic advisors, labs, and library.

When your teen participates in Concurrent Enrollment, they are eligible to tap into the full might of UVU’s academic power. What does that mean? It means they’ll have access to our massive library (on-campus and online). It means that the considerable resources available to UVU students will also be available to your high schooler, including tutoring, academic advisors, and labs. In short, CE students step into a bigger field of opportunity, support, and learning potential while still in high school.

Taken altogether, UVU’s Concurrent Enrollment is a powerful way to supplement and enhance your student’s academic journey.

To learn more, please visit and speak with your student’s high school counselor.