English as a Second Language



ESL Program  Non – Credit
Community Education

We offer 4 classes per section. Each level has 2 sections: Written English (Reading / Writing / Grammar) and Oral (Listening/Speaking).

Program Description

Improve your English skills with the non-credit courses that Community & Continuing Education has for you!

English courses taught by Community & Continuing Education, consist of 17 sessions of 2 hours for a total of 34 hours of instruction. These sessions are held 2 times a week from 6 to 8pm.

Reading/Writing/Grammar is held on Monday and Wednesday and Listening and Speaking is held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. There are 4 levels from Basic to High – Intermediate.

Courses are offered four times a year. Please contact us to provide specific dates as well as to schedule your free placement test.

You will be reminded via e-mail a week before each course begins. This email will contain directions to the classroom as well as a liability waiver that needs to be signed and brought to the first session.


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The price of the textbook is not included in the cost of the program and it varies depending on the course and level of the student.

You can get a 25% discount when you purchase the textbook directly from Pearson Editorial. This also includes free shipping and 2-3 day delivery.

The link for ordering your textbook will be on the registration page for your class and level.

Meet the Instructors

General Information

  • Before registration, students must take a written and oral evaluation. This no-cost test will ensure proper placement.
  • Courses offered
    • Introductory Course
    • 2 Class Types
      • Reading- Writing- Grammar
      • Listening & Speaking
    • 4 Levels per class type
      • Basic
      • Beginner
      • Intermediate
      • High Intermediate
  • Price per course
    • 1 Course - $225.00
    • 2 Courses - $400.00
  • For information and test scheduling contact:
    • Yina Villar
    • Assistant Coordinator
    • 801-863-7333


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Refund Policy: If you cancel two or more business days prior to the course start date, you are subject to a 10% processing fee or you may opt to put the entire course fee in a “credit account” to be used on another course at another time. Amount of refund will be determined according to our policy.