Digital Literacy

Cloud Computing

Program Highlights

  • Time Commitment: 60-hour course
  • Start Date: Open enrollment
  • Days of the Week: Online, Self-paced
  • Hours a week: Online, Self-paced
  • Length of Program: 60 hours
  • End Date: 16 Weeks
  • Online/Face-to-face: Online
Program Application


The Digital Literacy Course is a self-paced online program powered by Pluralsight with a UVU faculty facilitator. In this course, students learn how to utilize digital tools to produce and create projects, solve problems, and enhance communications. Digital tools covered include the Microsoft Office Suite: Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Vision, and Excel. Learn to collaborate with others using Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Skype, and grow your creative skills using Adobe Photoshop Fix and Illustrator. In addition, you will learn to access data by using a basic SQL database, how to create a basic website using HTML and CSS, and the fundamentals of information security.

Tuition for this program is normally $490, but under the Learn & Work in Utah program, your tuition is covered in full so long as you complete the program in the allotted time. Take advantage of this opportunity to excel professionally and apply today!

What You Will Learn

Students will learn how to utilize digital tools to effectively collaborate, solve problems, complete projects, and create content. Digital tools that will be covered include:

  1. Microsoft Office Suite; Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Vision, and Excel
  2. Outlook, Microsoft Team, and Skype
  3. Adobe Photoshop Fix and Illustrator
  4. SQL database
  5. HTML and CSS

Employment Outlook

In our increasingly technological society, being digitally literate is a must. The Digital Literacy course will enhance your marketability, bolster your resumé (by citing your certificate of completion), and improve your ability to keep up in the modern workplace.

Students who successfully complete this course can leverage their new found know-how into a variety of future careers; marketing, content creation, social media management, copywriting, web design, account management, office administration, and more! Even if you simply want to improve your professional office skills and feel more comfortable and confident using digital tools, this course is ideal.

Foundational Knowledge

No special knowledge is required.

Further Opportunities

Invest in your future and continue your education at UVU! As part of this program, you will have the opportunity to meet with UVU advisors and financial aid experts who can explain future options if you choose to continue past the end of your certification program.