Helping displaced workers to quickly and affordably build job-ready skills.

Find financial support for career development, resources for managing your mental health and wellness, and gain the in-demand skills employers need now. Visit for more information.

Are you currently unemployed or furloughed?

According to 61% of employers, developing your skills is the single most important thing you could be doing to increase your hireability during this time. SkillUpUtah is here to help. This employer-led initiative has broad support from Utah companies and education & talent organizations in offering you trustworthy, low to no-cost opportunities for becoming more competitive on the job market. UVU is lending their support to the SkillUpUtah initiative by offering a variety of low-cost classes to help you get back to work sooner.

Basic Data Science

Basic Software Development

Business Writing

Cloud-based Collaboration

Computer Literacy

Customer Service

Digital Marketing

Emotional Regulation

English (ESL)

Problem Solving

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Project Management


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