Community Comments

Student Comments

American Sign Language classes taught by Chad Kennedy

"Chad Kennedy is an excellent teacher! This is the second class of his that I have taken, and he is always prepared and can fill two hours easily with fun and instructive materials. Please keep offering ASL courses!"

"I enjoyed having the chance to further my knowledge about the deaf culture, and learn more signs. Mr. Kennedy is a fantastic teacher. He never makes you feel bad for not knowing something. I've learned so much. He's always so happy. I would definitely recommend him as a teacher."

Photography Workshop Winter 2014 taught by Bryan Niven

"Bryan Niven was an excellent teacher. He knew exactly what he was talking about. He was more than qualified to teach this class. The photography assignments were very helpful and fun. The presentations were entertaining, engaging and educational. It was a great experience."

Jess Rowley - Teen class taught by Heidi Alldredge.

“Heidi, you changed my son. The first class he was so mad that I made him come, by the last class he was a totally different kid! He looks at people so different, he seems to be so much happier and tries to encourage others around him to be positive and happy. I can’t thank you enough for being who you are and doing what you are to help others!” 

Heidi Alldredge taught “21 Habits of Happiness”

Heidi’s Happy class has totally changed my outlook on life. I have a much more positive attitude and am better able to cope with life’s stresses. I’ve also learned how to let go of a lot of past issues and focus on the things that really matter. I thoroughly enjoyed her class and feel happy about the impact its had on me!!:)

Chinese taught by Rob Tsai

" I loved learning about not only the Chinese language, but also the culture of those who live in Taiwan or China."

"The course instructor was fantastic and very good at engaging us."

Woodworking taught by Kelly Baird

"Kelly Baird is a great teacher. It was difficult, but he was able to find time to help every student individually. Really enjoyed the class. I learned a lot of things I'll be able to use at home."

Spanish taught by Claudia Jensen

"The instructor is excellent and well-prepared and inspires us all to try. She expects us to perform and do the assignments. I think she is a really fun teacher. I would like to see a few more weeks added in."

  • Becky Nielson
  • Betty Lemley
  • Kevin Flanagan

Running: Secrets of Success taught by Ken “Hawk” Harper

"I signed up for the class originally by myself. The first night he taught was incredible and I knew I had to get my husband on board and he immediately signed up. My husband and I have been looking for ways to make a healthy lifestyle change and this class gave us the inspiration to make some big changes. I know it sounds cheesy but this class has changed our lives with fitness and nutrition! " 

Italian taught by Tyler Pack

"I took the continuing Italian course and Tyler Pack was fantastic! He used a variety of teaching methods and real life experiences to teach as much practical Italian as possible! I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn this beautiful language. I really learned a lot and enjoyed each session."

Finish Your Basement taught by Kaleb Parker

"Kaleb Parker is an excellent instructor. He was very knowledgeable and taught a lot of things in a very short amount of time. I would take this class again, especially if he taught it."

Watercolor Plein Air Workshop Sun River Gardens taught by Pam Simmons

"Style of teaching and critique and suggestions very helpful and enlightening.  Thanks for a great experience."

Healthy Cooking taught by Ed Duquette

"I enjoyed the smallness of the class so we could sit right up at the counter.  I think this helped there to be a lot more interaction with the instructor."

Instructor Comments

Ethan Allen – Allen’s Photography (teaches Beginning Digital Photography)

“I have really enjoyed the opportunity to teach the Community Education Photography classes because I have been able to share my passion for photography with many people just starting down the photography road. We get to share and enjoy the “hands on” we can do in my class. Thanks for everyone who has taken my class and hopefully I have inspired you to make more pictures.”

Rex Allen – Allen’s photography (teaches Intermediate Digital Photography)

 “I like teaching in general and am passionate and love taking pictures; excited about photography, love it when students learn something and now they can try it."  

John Gilbert - Wolverine Dutch Oven (teaches Dutch oven cooking and business classes)

I enjoy sharing my passions in life by teaching for Community Education. There is nothing quite like the moment of discovery when a student realizes how everything fits together. The Dutch oven classes are filled with "A-ha" moments when someone realizes they can cook with the black pot and provide some new and tasty menu items.