Youth Summer Camps

Youth must bring a completed copy of the Informed Consent and Release for Minors with them on the first day of camp.

Arts & Crafts camps

Arts & Crafts Create something new just for you. Learn how to make a leather journal or belt, make your own pottery, or sew useful things. Sign up now because these classes fill fast.

Theater Youth Camp

The TYE center Theatre Summer Camp offers classes for children ages 5-18, taught by master theatre artists and assisted by current UVU School of the Arts theatre, art, music, and dance students. Click for more detailed information about the classes.

Aviation camps

Aviation Learn to fly at the state-of-the-art UVU flight facilities at the Provo Airport. Begin with basic ground school and then fly a plane with an FAA-certified instructor in the world's safest training aircraft.

Robotics camps

Robotics Engineering, math, and science-minded elementary and middle school students will love the interaction offered in this robotics course. Students assemble mini robots using building models, attach sensors and computer-controlled motors, and configure their behavior using a simple programming tool.

Computer camps

Computer classes range from building your own computer to learning how to create your own programs. Beginning robot programming classes can help you learn how to build your own personal assistant.

Science, Engineering, and Education camps

Science, Education, Engineering Take a class to prepare for college, or learn about dinosaurs. Engineering courses can help you learn design skills or how to develop a new product, while our anatomy classes can help you learn about your body and prepare you for a career in the health care field.