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Students ages 12–18 learn how to build web pages and write software. Students START at level 1 – JavaScript Game Design and increase in knowledge and experience with each course. Students learn at their own pace and have the option for one-on-one help. When a student completes
the pathway program they will be prepared for AP and Concurrent Enrollment Computer Science courses and a great career. 
*Students 9th grade and above can advance by testing out of classes*


 Simply Coding game design

Online Computer programming pathway is for students ages 12+, this pathway will give students real experience coding their own websites, games, mods and apps. Students will have INSTANT access to three computer-programming courses: Intro to Websites, JavaScript Game Design and Minecraft Mods in Java. Once a course is complete, a new course becomes available. Each course is about 30 hours of content.

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Course Descriptions

JavaScript Game Design

Learn JavaScript by creating three different computer games! JavaScript lets you control the action and add real computer logic to your games. This course teaches current JavaScript techniques incorporating math and physic concepts. The goal of this course is to have students create their very own game after completing all the lessons. They can add their very own game to their website and also enter it in game design competitions at our showcase events!

Intro to Websites

Learn HTML & CSS and some JavaScript by creating your own website! Students will learn real world web development concepts as they code their very own website. This course assumes no prior coding knowledge and each lessons builds off of what they learned in the previous lessons. The goal of this course is to give the students enough knowledge and experience to turn their website into their online portfolio. As they compete future projects they’ll be able to add them to their website to display what they’ve accomplished!

JavaScript Tower Defense

Students will learn more advance JavaScript concepts as they create a popular game genre called Tower Defense. The JavaScript they’ll learn in this course goes beyond basic math principles to incorporate geometry such as slope and finding angles between two objects. This course allows for a lot of customization and abstraction using all their JavaScript knowledge to build and create their own fun ideas into their Tower Defense Game.

Python Multiplayer Adventure

Learn the popular language Python by coding three different programs. The first program they’ll do is a text adventure to get them used to coding in Python. For the main project students will create a spaceship client to connect to a server and play against other spaceships that students’ have created. This is a fun course to teach students class based programming using Python.

Intro to Java

This course is made up of multiple different lessons to teach students Java. Java is one of the most widely used languages in the world. They’ll become familiar with the IDE eclipse and how to run Java code. The last two lessons they’ll use Java to create a user interface for games such as 3 player tic tac toe and a puzzle shuffler. The goal of this course is to give the students a strong foundation in Java to be able to move on easily to the other Java courses.

Minecraft Mods 1.8 in Java

This course uses their Java knowledge and lets them apply it to the popular game Minecraft. Students will get to add their own Java code into Minecraft to create new weapons, armor, items, mobs and so much more. This is a fun course to see how Java is applied to large projects and learn how to manage many files at a time. They’ll be able to develop and design their own item images and see to how render them into the game as well as code their functionality.

Android Apps in Java

Java is also the native language for all Android apps on the market. This course will show students how read and understand Android’s documentation on the different classes available to develop your apps. They’ll have step by step instructions on how to create four different apps. Get experience using a device’s own hardware, like the camera and GPS. The apps they create are: Flashlight App, Sound Board, GPS Location & Platform Game. The goal is to have the student be able to code their own idea for an app.

iOS Apps in Swift

This course is only available to students who have access to a Mac computer. Swift is the native language for the iOS app store! Learn swift by creating four different apps. You’ll have instructions on how to create a Flashlight App, Sound Board, GPS Location & Platform Game. The goal is to have the student be able to code their own idea for an app.


Students will receive certificates through email after the completion of each class. Students 9th grade and above can advance by testing out of classes. Students who want to TEST OUT of an online class will need to email: