NSF Funds $400K Grant for CET

The College of Engineering and Technology was awarded a $400,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Kazem Sohraby, Professor of Engineering and Associate Dean of Student Affairs is the Principle investigator (PI).

The grant allocates $140,000 for scholarships to students whose interest is in undergraduate research in the general area of wireless and sensors networks. This will mostly apply to UVU students in electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science and mechanical engineering. The duration of the scholarship is three years, with $50,000 allocated for the first year, and $45,000 each for the second and third years.

These scholarship will also be allocated to transfer students from Salt Lake Community College and SNOW Colleges. Our plan is to offer a $5000/year scholarship to each qualified transfer student. Students transferring to the UVU Engineering programs are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. 

The remaining funds will be allocated to graduate students research. The title of the project is: “Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Pricing for Wireless Multimedia Communications”. The outcome of the project is expected to advance the discovery of new frontiers in wireless communications techniques.

In the past, UVU has received several grants from NSF to accelerate the growth of our Engineering, Technology, and STEM programs. To read more about these and other grants our college has been awarded, please visit our website: uvu.edu/cet.