T&C and Culinary Arts Host Delegation from China

Today Dean Ernie Carey welcomed a delegation of civic and academic professionals from Qinghai Province, China. The delegation was here to visit UVU and the State of Utah as part of beginning relations with universities in their Province. During the summer, a UVU contingent visited China as part of the UVU – China initiative and the Chinese delegates immediately expressed a desire to visit UVU.

During their brief two day visit, the China delegation met with President Matt Holland in his office, exchanged gifts, and then discussed the future relationship between Qinghai and UVU. The delegation then recieved a VIP tour of campus before ending in the Presidential suite in the Events Center where UVU’s Culinary Arts department took over by serving one of their usual phenomenal lunches. T&C Associate Dean Abraham Teng provided translation for the luncheon. Dean Carey welcomed the delegates with several (non-alcoholic) toasts and invited them to return many times as UVU and Qinhai move forward.

“They are truly outstanding people,” said Dean Carey, “I’m impressed that they are  looking for dynamic ways to move their students forward in all areas and that they have noticed the great things we are doing here at UVU and at T&C. I look forward to a wonderful relationship together.”

Pictures of the delegates’ luncheon with Dean Carey can be seen by clicking HERE. (hint: click “slideshow” in the upper right for a larger view of the pics)

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