A Special Welcome from the Dean


Welcome to the College of Technology & Computing at Utah Valley University where innovation, technology, and imagination drive our academics and the world around us. We are intertwined with the indisputable sense technology is shaping and reshaping our world faster than the speed of light.

As part of UVU’s Engaged Learning mission, we don’t have classrooms with desks, we have labs. We have workstations and shops, clean rooms and kitchens. We use not only the latest computer software, but the newest and most cutting edge tools of our trade.

Because our students and alumni are in high demand within industry and because our courses are so specialized – we have our own internship Coordinator, Academic Advisors, and Tutors housed in our building all here to work individually with students to provide ease of access and ensure success.

Our students are national champions. They continue to shatter records and blaze trails competing amongst colleges and institutions around the nation, they continue to bring home gold medals and titles. They are entrepreneurs and innovators, creating award winning films, world class culinary delicacies, and making an impact and immediate contributions in the world today.

Our students are READY to lead, READY to innovate, READY to build, and READY to ENGAGE and drive technology into the unknown. It is an exciting and dynamic world and an exciting and dynamic College. Are you READY to drive technology, READY to face that world head on? We are READY for you.

Michael J. Savoie

Dean, College of Technology & Computing

Fourth region (Section 1)