Tech Expo winner says “No” to $40,000!

HUH?  A high school student who won’t take $40,000 cash? That’s what Brandon Beckstead said after his bedroom suite was named one of the “Best in Show” at last week’s Tech Expo held on the UVU campus. He didn’t really get a firm offer, but when someone jokingly said, “Would you sell it for 40 grand?” Brandon smiled, shook his head and said firmly, “NO!”  His parents had no comment.

Brandon, a Senior at Lehi High School, was just one of a record 800+ High School students to attend this year’s Tech Expo competition. The annual Tech Expo which is put on by T&C provides an opportunity for all Utah HS students to compete in a variety of categories.

Competitions were held in:
3D Modeling
Graphic Design
Architectural Drawing
Technial Illustration
and others.

The 3D modelers designed a miniature car using computers, the designs were then laser cut, cars assembled and raced Pinewood Derby style.

Pictures of Tech Expo along with pictures of some of the winners can be seen here:

and here:

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