The first School of Public Services in the Utah System of Higher Education has been created at Utah Valley University. The School of Public Services, recently approved by the Utah State Board of Regents, will be housed in UVU’s College of Technology and Computing.

The new School of Public Services will train public administrators and emergency response professionals such as Police Officers, Paramedics, Firefighters and Homeland Security experts.

“This is a major accomplishment since this is the first, and only, School of Public Services in USHE,” said Jeff Maxfield, Assistant Dean for the College of Technology and Computing. “We are now the only place which houses Police, Fire, EMS, Homeland Security, Emergency Management all in one place.”

The new school will serve the 2500 UVU students who are currently enrolled in Public Services programs. The new School is designed to allow the training to be more focused and have greater impact in the community, especially as UVU students become engaged through internships and employment.

“Nationwide there are very, very few Schools of Public Services,” said Maxfield. “It is very rare to find a school that covers all public services. And now the potential is to not only be the top School of Public Services for Utah and the western U.S. but to become the premier School of Public Services in the entire country.”

This new school has been in the planning stages since 2003. As seed money to get the curriculum up and going, a generous donation was made by Enid Greene Mickelsen and other Board members on behalf of the D. Forest and Gerta Greene Foundation.

“Since we are tied into the nationwide community of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, we can be one of the flagships for UVU because we are so unique,” Maxfield added. “There is no other University that will be able to offer all the programs we currently have or will have in the future .”

The new School of Public services will offer the following degrees:
One‑year certificates ‑ Paramedic, Police Academy, Firefighter Recruit Candidate
Associate Degrees ‑ Criminal Justice, Firefighter/Emergency Care, Fire Officer, Wildland Fire Management, Emergency Services
Bachelor Degrees ‑ Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Emergency Services Administration, Emergency Management, Emergency Care (including Paramedic program)

The School of Public Services will oversee the following Departments:
Criminal Justice Department
Emergency Services Department (Fire and Paramedic training)
Forensic Science Department
Police Training Academy
Utah Fire and Rescue Academy
Institute of Emergency Services and Homeland Security

Maxfield hopes to grow the School even larger.  “Public and Community Health are programs we’d love to add to our curriculum as they would be a natural fit into the School of Public Services.”

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