Another UVU Racing Team World Record

The UVU Wolverine Racing Team set yet another world land speed record last weekend at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The 1969 El Camino completely built and raced out of the UVU Automotive Department set a world record at 180mph. It marks the fifth World Record set by the same car.

“It was a great thing for the University and for the Department,” said Todd Low, UVU Automotive instructor and driver of the record setting car. “The amount of interest in our car and our program by hundreds, maybe even thousands of people on the Salt Flats was pretty amazing.”

An official world record is actually an average of two runs, both 3 miles long. Low, who has been the driver on all five world record setting performances, was hoping for an even faster mark.

“We had run 190mph in the morning and I was sure we could break 200mph. But when I passed the two mile marker we blew a breather and oil started flying out of the engine! I had one hand on the wheel and one hand on the (fire) extinguisher hoping that thing didn’t turn into a giant fireball. I had to lift a little to make it to the 3-mile marker and we ended up at 169.9mph giving us an average of 180. Still a World Record, but we could’ve gone even faster. But we did leave a pretty impressive mile long oil slick on the Salt Flats.”

The Wolverine Racing Team annually consists of a few hand-picked automotive students who want to experience top flight competition. This year’s team members were; Daniel Allen, Chris VanWagoner, Ryan Stanworth, Jay Leithead, Kolton Bundy, Tony Anguiano and Rina Robinson.

“It was the most awesome thing I’ve done so far at UVU,” said Daniel Allen of Provo. “It really was an amazing experience being so involved and coming away with a World Record on my resume.”

The entire UVU Automotive Department took part in the weekend action as they played host to over 600 high school students from around the state. “It’s a chance to both show off our program and to let these potential students see that we provide real world experience,” said Don Wilson, UVU Automotive Department Chair.

The Automotive Department grilled hot dogs for the students on the Wolverine Racing Grill, an exact replica of the race car minus engine and transmission, then answered questions and gave the students a tour.

PICTURES…. PICTURES….. Some amazing pics of the action at the Bonneville Salt Flats can be seen by clicking CLICKING HERE. (hint: to see larger pix, click on “Slideshow” in the upper right corner)

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