Wolverine Racing Team Attends NASCAR Race


The UVU Automotive Club and the Wolverine Racing Team got a behind-the-scenes look at a NASCAR race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Seven automotive students and two advisors attended the race from Feb. 26 to 28.

“I wanted to take students down to learn about professional racing and mechanics,” said Todd Low, automotive professor, “ but if you go watch a NASCAR race you usually just sit in the bleachers and watch the cars go round and round.”

A NASCAR weekend pass to sit in the stands can be over $200 per person. Students could not afford a weekend pass and Low wanted the students to experience more.

“I wanted them to see the shops; I wanted them to see the teams; the pit crews,” said Low, who liked the “good example of clean shop.”

While looking for other options Low found that they could volunteer for security through the NASCAR Neon Knights program. The program allowed the students to be close to the drivers and have full access to the pit area, where they could watch the race teams prepare their cars. They could not go into the pits during the race, but could watch the pit crews through the windows.

The students enjoyed watching the pit crews at a real NASCAR race.

“We got to see how the pros do it,” said Tony Anguiano, president of the UVU Wolverine Racing Team. “They got an engine out of a vehicle and a new one in, in 15 minutes. It’s amazing how efficient they can do something.”

”It was pretty neat to be around the infield pre-race ceremonies on Sunday when the drivers walk right past you,” said Rina Robinson, vice president of the UVU Wolverine Racing Team.

Information on the automotive department and their upcoming Auto/Motorcycle and Technology Expos can be found on the school website at www.uvu.edu/auto.

For more information on the automotive club contact Todd Low at  lowto@uvu.edu

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