VIPs Get Special Look at T&C’s International Efforts

The UVU Digital Media Department hosted the Premier International Engagement Showcase on Thursday evening. The invite-only event was to give the DGM students who have recently traveled abroad an opportunity to display and explain the accomplishments of their international projects.
Held in the new UVU library, the Showcase spotlighted students’ trips to Mali, Africa, Russia, and Namibia. In addition, the Culinary Arts Department showcased tables of delectible foods from each of the countries.
Students who went to Mali previewed portions of their documentary shot completely in high definition, focusing on the need for new schools and better education in Mali.
The Namibia group displayed their work in preserving valuable photographic records and audio recordings which are otherwise rapidly deteriorating in Africa.
The event was planned and organized by Mike Harper, Associate Professor of Digital Media at UVU.
“Our students are doing some truly incredible things all over the planet,” said Harper. “And this is a wonderful opportunity to let the folks who helped make these trips possible understand just what great things are being done. And while our DGM students have helped make the world a better place, all of these international trips have been life changing positive experiences for our students as well.”
VIP’s in attendance included UVU President Matt Holland, members of the Board of Trustees and the Board of Regents, elected officials and dignitaries from China and Africa.
Pictures from the event can be seen here:

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