UVU Civil Engineering Capstone Project

SR-121 Culvert Sizing and Replacement

Prepared By: Hailey Seegmiller, Josh Staples, Cade Merica

Khaled Shaaban, Ph.D., P.E., PTOE, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering, UVU
Andrew Jordan, P.E., Pre-construction Engineer, UDOT Region 3

SR-121 site

Roadway overtopping due to insufficient drainage occurs along a 10-mile stretch of SR-121 near Vernal, UT. Maintenance crews reported overtopping near MP 28.5. This report describes and evaluates the culverts along this stretch. The culverts along the road were evaluated and analyzed using WMS and HY8 software to determine culvert remedies or replacement options. Of the 46 culverts found, 25 culverts needed maintenance or replacement due to issues including overtopping, excess sediment, rust, and deformations. Culverts were grouped into five phases. Phase one being the culverts that had the greatest impact on the drainage issue and phase five being the least. A preliminary cost analysis and concept recommendations were done for all phases.

Phase one culverts were selected and taken to a 60% design progress set. This progress set included another site observation to obtain accurate measurements of the existing culverts. These measurements were put into the HY-8 software and solutions for these culverts were determined. The design has public health, public safety, social factors, environmental factors, and economic factors that impact the project. These were weighed out when determining the construction suggestions along the SR-121 route. A final cost analysis was done for the priority one culverts following UDOT standards. These costs were more accurate because of the updated prices received from UDOT. The total cost for the priority one culverts came out to be $1,611,000 accounting for inflation for the year 2022.

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