UVU Civil Engineering Capstone Project

Study and Design of a Truck Acceleration Lane Along SR-73

Prepared By: Daniel Markus, Dustin Wall, Mitchell Brown, and Tanner Durfee

Khaled Shaaban, Ph.D., P.E., PTOE, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering, UVU
Andrew Jordan, P.E., Pre-construction Engineer, UDOT Region 3

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Cory B. Wride Memorial Highway (SR-73) serves as one of the main roads between the cities of Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain in Utah. The residential and commercial growth in the area is causing traffic congestion and heavy delays on SR-73, specifically along the segment between Mountain View Corridor and The Ranches Parkway. One of the main reasons for these problems is the slow truck traffic in the westbound direction. The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) has entrusted a team of senior students in the Utah Valley University Civil Engineering program to evaluate the feasibility of adding a westbound truck acceleration lane to improve the level of service of the corridor. A concept report was prepared to propose and compare three different alternatives. Once an alternative was selected, a detailed design was conducted according to the UDOT's current standards and specifications. The proposed design included an additional 12’ westbound acceleration lane, 8’ shoulder, 3’ drainage swale, culverts, and a detention basin. A cost estimate for the design based on current prices of labor/material was prepared. The estimated cost for the proposed acceleration lane is approximately 4.5 million dollars.

Students' Presentation