UVU Civil Engineering Capstone Project

US-6 Eureka Project (2019-2020)

Project Sponsor: UDOT, Region 3
Team Members: Scott Newin, Micah Taylor

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Thomas Hales

  • Proposed New Roadway Plan
  • Map overlay zoomed in on different road
  • US-6 Highway
  • Overview of new proposed roadway
  • Map overlay of part of new proposed roadway

The purpose of this project was to explore possible solutions to a hazardous segment of US Highway 6 traveling into the town of Eureka, Utah. This project evaluated a section of road where existing conditions provide poor sight distances and dangerous driving conditions which has led to excessive crashes. The segment of US Highway 6 of concern is in the central part of the state located just northeast of Eureka. The terrain surrounding this specific section of road involves a hill on one side of the road and a steep ravine on the other. Much of this road segment has been cut out of the side of the hill causing poor visibility for drivers. The horizontal alignment of the roadway also contains multiple curves in succession adding to the dangerous driving conditions.

A traffic analysis was conducted on the existing conditions of the roadway. Some of the factors that were evaluated included the historical crash data, average and peak hour daily traffic volumes, sight and stopping distance, grades and topography, roadway profile and horizontal alignment. Existing conditions were compared to current UDOT standards for safe roadway design and recommendations for improvement were made that would maximize the benefit-to-cost ratio. Recommended improvements included realignment of the current roadway alignment, widening of the current roadway cross section, and re-grading of adjacent roadway cuts and fills to maximize the safety benefits with respect to construction costs. This would also allow the roadway posted speeds to be closer in line with those expected with this classification of highway providing increased mobility in addition to increased safety. Drawings and a cost estimate were prepared showing the proposed new upgrades with the associated construction costs. The estimated cost for the proposed upgrades is $9 million. 

Students' Presentation