UVU Civil Engineering Capstone Project

UVU Vineyard Project (2019-2020)

Project Sponsor: UVU Facilities and Planning Department
Team Members: Julie Hansen, Thomas Elder, Brad Kitchen

Faulty Advisor: Ben Willardson

  • Turnout after CUWCD construction before being buried
  • Existing Condition of Outlet, no 18'' HDPE could be seen from surface
  • After CUWD Construction and HDPE Outlet to Open Ditch
  • UVU Campus Masterplan
  • UVU Master Plan Underlay of Proposed Project
  • Inside of turnout before construction by CUWCD

The Utah Valley University (UVU) Vineyard campus is expected to have significant development and construction underway within the next 5 years. This project includes an analysis for irrigation, stormwater planning and current traffic conditions, and offers conceptual designs for each of these. This project studied the usefulness of a wet-detention basin on site for irrigation and stormwater mitigation use. There was also consideration of underground detention as an alternative. Utah Valley University has rights to 25 water shares from the Lake Bottom Canal which has an 18” HDPE pipe from an existing turnout on the south side of the property. The pipe runs parallel to a Vineyard City 48” RCP that daylights into the existing open channel.

Options for future irrigation, stormwater and traffic planning were developed. It is expected that construction of landscaping, buildings and roadways will not begin for another ten years, so a full irrigation and stormwater plan was unnecessary at this time. The group designed a wet-detention pond to mitigate stormwater flow from the 1-year and 50-year 24-hour storm event for the area. It will retain water for future irrigation and recreational use. Recreational use includes non-motorized activities. Irrigation water will travel by extending the existing 18” HDPE pipe and then pumping the water over the city storm drain into the wet-detention pond. The city storm drain will extend roughly 2,200 ft. to the north to get past the new irrigation installation. Additionally, a concept of proposed roadway alignments on the campus has been analyzed and presented. Figure 1 shows the existing southern site plan, overlaid with the proposed construction plan.

This project detains stormwater and canal water for irrigation use on the UVU Vineyard site. The detained water will also serve as an aesthetic and recreational landmark of the site. Installation of an underground irrigation pipe, city storm drain, and pump stations will prepare the site for future irrigation and stormwater development. The proposed parking and access changes will allow for more parking, proper flow, and will meet the 300’ street spacing requirement. Projected total cost of this project is $2 million. 

Students' Presentation