This Year's Computer Engineering Projects

Adaptive Video Projector Headlights Project

Adaptive Video Projector Headlights

With the invention of modern-day computers and advances in computing, cars have become more technologically advanced than ever before in history.

Haptics in Aviation Project

Haptics in Aviation

Advances in technology are pushing into the medical field, virtual reality, sports, and more. Haptics in Aviation aims to bring it into the field of free flight.

Portable Mini Splash Pad Project

Portable Mini Splash Pad

Splash pads are play areas that sprays water from the ground and seems to be a new trend that are found in parks at the present time and rightly justified.

Robotic Vehicle Project

WiFi Controlled Robotic Vehicle

At the forefront of creative innovation in the Engineering field, autonomous vehicles have become a topic that many professionals, researchers, and companies are focusing their time and energy on in order to create robust, useful and safer autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous Robotic Hexapod Project

Autonomous Robotic Hexapod

A hexapod robot is a mechanical vehicle that walks on six legs that allow for a great deal of flexibility in how it can move while simultaneously manipulating a payload.

Infinite Laser Tag Project

Infinite Laser Tag

Games in entertainment are an important part of society. Laser tag has been used for team building and exercise by schools, businesses and corporations.

Electronic Fuel Injection System Project

Electronic Fuel Injection System

The purpose of this project was to design an electronic fuel injection system utilizing an ARM Cortex M4 microcontroller that introduces fuel into the engine combustion chambers through a method of programmed pulses.