UVU Computer Engineering Capstone Project

Home Agricultural Automation Controller using Zigbee Radios

Team Members: Joseph Djurich and Brian Bell

Faulty Advisor: Dr. Afsaneh Minaie

Automation parts

Many people want to grow their own food, whether it be to have more healthful options for eating, to save money, or simply to know their whole supply chain. Agriculture takes time which people may not have in our busy, modern way of life. Automation can mitigate this, but most automation systems available today are either very limited in functionality or rely heavily on internet connectivity. This project was an attempt to fill that gap without adding undue complexity.

In creating an automation system, we used Zigbee radios to link a central controller with multiple zones and a weather station. It was designed to read and act on multiple variables, including temperature, humidity, light, and wind. It can handle multiple types of zones, including enclosed greenhouse, open garden, and various other cases. It can control lights, fans, irrigation, heating systems, and cooling systems. Simple zones can easily be managed by the microcontroller built into the Zigbee radios. More complex zones may require remote operation or a more capable microcontroller. Use of a local weather station allows for the system to act independent of outside information sources.

The system successfully collected data and managed lights and fans for a greenhouse zone and a chicken coop using data from both the zone and the weather station. The system also successfully operated a multi-zone sprinkler system. Extra features, such as skipping irrigation due to rain or delaying irrigation due to wind, were simulated.

This project can serve as a starting point for others who want to make their own greenhouse automation system which does not rely on internet connectivity. The specific devices used leaves the door open for further development, such as allowing a user to connect to a zone controller by Bluetooth for direct control.

Students' Presentation