UVU Computer Engineering Capstone Project

Augmented Virtuality

Team Members: Brock Brown and Linda Siebert

Faulty Advisor: Dr. Afsaneh Minaie

Mario Kart and Nintendo Switch

Video games have both positive and negative connotations associated with them. When too much time is spent on video games or the reason for playing is negatively skewed, the effect of playing video games can be unfavorable. However, when one is playing video games for the purpose of social relations, to stimulate their imagination (have fun), for curiosity, to relax, or because of the storyline, they feel positive effects. Using these benefits as encouragement, creating games is still a worthwhile and beneficial endeavor. Playing games has transitioned from primarily a physical environment (tabletop board and card games, physical activity games/sports) to a digital one (console games, computer games). While most game developers seem to be focusing on the improvement of the digital experience (improved graphics, better story, artificial intelligence), there are less that combine the digital experience back with the physical environment. The purpose of this project is to create a game that combines both physical and digital aspects and is a positive experience for the people playing it. Using a racing car, miniature computing system, camera, microcontroller unit, sensors, chips, and computer, this game is designed to be a racing game where the user can see the view of the camera on top of the physical car and control the car from the same computer. The expected outcome is to be able to control this car with little delay between the computer and the car, so that the car can accurately be driven using the video feed sent from the car.

Students' Presentation