This Year's Mechanical Engineering Projects

Mask Project

A Mask to Change a Pandemic

The focus of this project was tocreate a mask for elementary aged children, who areoften in close contact for extended periodsof time without effective PPE.

Accelerated Pavement Project

Accelerated Pavement Testing Machine

Snowplows are the main culprit for wear to pavement surface markings, where one pass with a snowplow blade equals roughly 10,000 passes by a car. Designing an APT that could simulate these wear characteristics could help provide data to save a transportation department thousands of dollars every year.

Bike Rear Derailleur Hanger Design Project

Bike Rear Derailleur Hanger Design Project

Research was conducted to determine the needs related to derailleurs in the MTB industry. It was established that an easier to use, portable, and cheaper RDH alignment tool could fill a need within the MTB community.

Drillbotics Project

Designing a Drilling Rig for the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ Drillbotics Competition

DSATS believes that drilling automation will have a long-term, positive influence on the drilling industry, thus, a competition to increase the safety and efficiency of drilling is being held.

Recycle Project

Recycling Project

This project’s aim is to solve the problem that higher standards make it harder to recycle by designing and creating a machine that will cleanrecyclable materials to keep it from going to landfills.

Rocket Project

Rocket Launch Assist System

An electronically controlled vacuum chamber was designed to assist the first stage of a rocket launch. The design was chosen by usinga scoring matrix created from design requirements gathered from professors and rocket clubs in the state.

UVU Baja Project

UVU Baja Final Report

Some of the steps to design this vehicle were accomplished by the previous year’s Baja team. Presented in this paper, the 2020-2021 team has continued their work by re-evaluating subsystem concepts, customer needs, and design requirements.