UVU Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project

UVU Baja Final Report

Team Members: Aubrie McConnell, Casey Allen, Chandler Flinders, Jason Schumann, Samuel Patterson, and Tyler Valgardson

Poster for UVU Baja Project

The UVU Baja team is a group of students preparing for an international engineering and design competition known as SAE Baja. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) holds the annual competition in which student-only teams design, engineer, manufacture, and present about a one-seater off-road vehicle. The vehicle competes in a variety of rigorous tests such as hill climb, acceleration, braking, maneuverability, and an endurance race, against other team’s vehicles. All tests are scrutinized by a panel of professional SAE appointed judges.

Some of the steps to design this vehicle were accomplished by the previous year’s Baja team. Presented in this paper, the 2020-2021 team has continued their work by re-evaluating subsystem concepts, customer needs, and design requirements. A special effort was made to generate an accurate car model to be used as a blueprint while fabricating the vehicle during the spring 2021 semester. This final report will expand on the above mentioned design steps, the fabrication process, and the resulting performance at the 2021 Baja SAE Dynamic Events Competition in Tucson, Arizona.

Students' Presentation