UVU Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project

Baja SAE Project (2019-2020)

Project Sponsor: UVU Engineering Department
Team Members: BJ Scott, Mike Montierth, Dallin Fausett, Braeden Herd, Kolby Houston and Mitchell Myler

Faculty Advisor: Sean Tolman

  • Preliminary chassis design.
  • An updated chassis design with more efficiently op_mized volume and significant reinforcements
  • Final prototype design employing a lighter weight frame with optimized tube dimensions
  • Maximum Bending stress due to 10g frontal impact force
  • SolidWorks image of the fabrication table, chassis, and fixtures
  • Build of prototype chassis
  • Motor mount and chain housing CAD model with mounting gussets (left), and chain housing with motor mounted (right)
  • Physical prototypes and proof of concept for brake pedal assembly
  • Validation of laser cut parts for brake housing
  • Design of digitally prototyped steering linkage
  • Analysis of engine mount gusset at 50 lbs of weight
  • FEA stress results
  • Validation for implementation of JIC brake fittings with mountain bike banjo fitting
  • UVU Baja team tube notching
  • Final CAD model with most subsystems
  • Solid axle (top le􀅌), semi trailing arms w/ radius rods (top middle), H-arm w/ camber link (top right), double H-arm (bottom le􀅌), Trailing arms (bottom right) [26]-[30]

The Mechanical Engineering program at UVU launched its first generation of Baja SAE in 2019 through its Capstone design projects where six Senior students were assigned to design, build, commission a BAJA car, and compete internationally.

Baja SAE is a long-standing international collegiate competition run by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in which students design and construct an off-road vehicle, compete in various events, and present their project to judges. Each year over one hundred collegiate level teams compete in events all over the world. These events contain various competitions focusing not only on the vehicles’ construction but also on the design and engineering process used to generate deliverables such as a technical design report and a business plan presentation. Because of the broad nature of the judging criteria, the use of the engineering design process and the involvement of students with different backgrounds and skill sets is beneficial in producing a competitive final product. In addition to providing unique research, experience, and design opportunities for students, UVU Baja is a pre-professional student organization and will carry out the process of designing, engineering, and competing in Baja SAE events in perpetuity. Currently, participating students in this project are from the College of Engineering and Technology at UVU specifically engineering, automotive, and drafting design majors, as well as other technical fields with a variety of backgrounds, skills, and experience. In order for the program to continue and succeed, this first-year team was tasked to establish the foundation of the program by securing funding and sponsorships, receiving university support, and delivering a solid design for students in future years.

Due to the complexity of the project, the team were divided into sub-groups to tackle the design and construction of the various components of the Baja SAE consisting mainly of chassis, drivetrain, brakes, steering, suspension, and Ergonomics. Students proceeded by establishing customer needs and design specifications, generated and selected concepts for all components to incorporate, analyzed and tested their designs using SolidWorks and ANSYS, and combined the individual subsystems to form a completed product. Students established target specifications, generate and selected product concepts, and built prototypes for all components. The team then created a complete vehicle design and were ready to compete in the April 2020 Baja SAE competition in Arizona but this did not take place due to Covid-19. 

Students' Presentation