UVU Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project

Designing a Drilling Rig for the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ Drillbotics Competition

Team Members: Devon Allen, Matthew VanAlfen, Daniel Arias, Yousuf Mohan, and Tim Honing

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Abdennour Seibi

Poster for Drillbotics

Drillbotics is an international competition for university students to design and build a small drilling rig that uses sensors and control algorithms to autonomously drill a rock sample provided by the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ (SPE) Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section (DSATS). DSATS believes that drilling automation will have a long-term, positive influence on the drilling industry, thus, a competition to increase the safety and efficiency of drilling is being held. Rig design must be functional, within a specific resource budget, and portable to allow possible implementation in the drilling industry, financially feasible to manufacture, and easy to remove/store when inactive. To meet client requirements, the team must research, generate, and implement creative design concepts that can fulfill these needs. This report shows the research and design of the UVU Drillbotics submission.

Students' Presentation