UVU Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project

A Mask to Change a Pandemic

Team Members: Cassandra Chase, Spencer Fischback, Chase Williamson, and Peter Larsen

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sean Tolman

Poster for Mask Project

This team was tasked with designing a better facemask. The focus of this project was tocreate a mask for elementary aged children, who areoften in close contact for extended periodsof time without effective PPE. Due to the scope, budget,team experience, and billable time, itwas decided to create a new mask based on the bestof existing technologies and materials. Aftercreating specifications based on customer needs, theengineering process was followed togenerate concepts, filter designs, prototype, test,and iterate. The final tested prototype exceededspecifications and many customer expectations. Theprototype was light, kid tested and approvedfor comfort and appearance, had better than N95 filtration,and was more breathable anddampened sound less than a standard cloth mask.

Students' Presentation