UVU Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project

Accelerated Pavement Testing Machine

Team Members: Brett Ashbocker, Andrew Butler, Nelson Krogue, Nick Pollock, and Bryce Prestwich

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Abdennour Seibi and Dr. Amanda Bordelon

Industry Advisors: Howard Anderson and Kendall Draney from UDOT

Poster for Pavement Tester Project

An accelerated pavement testing device (APT) utilizes repetitive motion to simulate standard traffic patterns across a pavement in a shorter amount of time. The repetitive motion of the device allows for analysis of wear and degradation of the surface. Snowplows are the main culprit for wear to pavement surface markings, where one pass with a snowplow blade equals roughly 10,000 passes by a car. Designing an APT that could simulate these wear characteristics could help provide data to save a transportation department thousands of dollars every year. No APT currently exists that test for wear by snowplow blades on pavement surface markings and the life cycle of a plow blade. The APT will require downward force applied to snowplow blades and motors to move the mounted blades. The design process that was followed involved gathering customer needs, outlining product specifications and prototyping. As a result, an initial design was produced that which can be further refined in the semester to come. This paper outlines the process to design an accelerated pavement testing device that is purposed to test the durability of road markings under snowplow wear in addition to evaluating the durability of different snowplow blades.

Students' Presentation