UVU Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project

Recycling Project: The Green Team Design Report

Team Members: Mohammed Alabdulmohsin, Jarrod Althaus-Cressman, Michael Lifferth, and Jacob Richards

Poster for Recycling

In a world with limited resources, reusing those resourcesis incredibly important. As more of theworld has started recycling, the entities that processthe recyclables are creating higherstandards of cleanliness for the recyclables theywill accept. These higher standards have madeit harder and more expensive for groups to recycleand cause many of them to take the easieroption of sending those reusable materials to landfills.This project’s aim is to solve that problemby designing and creating a machine that will cleanrecyclable materials to keep it from going tolandfills. To work towards completing this goal, theteam worked with different companies to gaina better understanding of the problem and to knowwhat others are doing to solve it. To solvethis problem, the team decided to design a machinethat helps a person sort trash fromrecyclables and clean those recyclables to preventthem from going to the landfill.

Students' Presentation