Dear College of Engineering and Technology Students

In deciding whether to receive a letter grade or to change your status to credit/no credit (CR/NC) for any of your courses, please be aware that choosing credit/no credit may impact financial aid, requirements within your major, prerequisites for follow-up courses, acceptance to certain programs at UVU or elsewhere, acceptance to graduate programs, and more elements of your education. Below are some details of how changing to credit/no credit may impact your education.

For additional information, go to Spring 2020 Grading

For all classes in the College of Engineering and Technology, if you change your status to credit/no credit, you will only receive credit if your overall score in the class would have earned you a grade of C- or higher.

A Credit (CR) grade will NOT be accepted in the following programs:
  • Architecture - All Courses
  • Business/Marketing Education - All Courses
  • Computer Science - Matriculation Courses
  • Digital Media - Matriculation Courses
  • Engineering - All Courses
  • Surveying - All Courses

Please contact your advisor with any questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I received a CR during Spring 2020, however Wolverine track does not show course requirement is fulfilled. Why?

If you are registered for the same course in a later semester, it will not pull in your spring class. You will need to drop the course in the later semester for the spring course to pull in.

Can I change to the Credit/No Credit option after April 24, 2020 for my Spring courses?

No, the deadline was April 24, 2020.

Will the Credit/No Credit option be available any other semesters?

No, this was a one-time exception for Spring semester due to the change to online mid-semester.

Can I withdraw from Spring courses after April 24, 2020?

You can no longer withdraw from Spring courses. The deadline was April 24, 2020.
If you have an extenuating circumstance, you can request an exception by filling out the Withdrawal Exception form.
It must be submitted by the last day of the semester (April 30 for full semester courses).

What is the difference between a Withdrawal and no credit?

If you withdraw from a course, you will receive a W grade. This is a safe way to stop the course and is more common on transcripts. It does not affect your GPA. If you choose NC (no credit), you will receive an NC grade depending on your grade at the end of the semester. It does not affect your GPA.

Do I have to finish my spring semester classes if I take the CR/NC option?

Yes! In order to get CR, you must have at least a C- at the end of the semester. Keep going, you’re almost there.

Can I take CR/NC for my General Education classes?

For most programs:
Math requires at least a C- to earn CR. This can be used as a prerequisite for the next course.
ENGL 1010 requires a letter grade to move onto the next course.
Please refer to each college’s page to see how your class will be evaluated for credit.

Engineering students must have a letter grade in: ENGL 1010, ENGL 2010, MATH 1210, CHEM 1210, PHYS 2210, PHYS 2220
Computer Science and Software Engineering students must have a letter grade in MATH 1210 and ENGL 1010.
Business/Marketing Education students must have a letter grade in ECON 2020.

How will getting CR/NC affect my Scholarship or Financial aid?

Please refer to the Financial Aid/Scholarships website and office for specific questions.

Will future courses be affected if I have a CR in the prerequisite course?

Not if it is allowed in your program. You may need an override to get into the course if you have CR in the prerequisite course.

I changed to CR/NC, but want to change back to a letter grade. Can I do that?

Yes. You can change to your chosen mode through April 24th. After that, your choice is locked in.

What are the Matriculation classes that need letter grades for my program?

Digital Audio: DGM 1110, 2130, 2140, 2410, 2430, 2440, 2460, 2481, 2490, 2491, 240R, MUSC 1100, PHYS 1700
Digital Cinema Production: DGM 1061, 1110, 1500, 1510, 1520, 2110, 2130, 2320, 2340, 2440, 2540, 2570, 2661
Animation & Game Development: All but Elective credits
Web Design & Development- Interaction Design: DGM 1110, 1220, 1230, 1240, 1600, 2120, 221R, 2240, 2250, 2341, 2260, 2270, 2280, 2740, 2760, 2780, 281R
Web Design & Development- Web and App Development: DGM 1110, 1220, 1230, 1240, 1600, 2120, 221R, 2240, 2250, 2260, 2280, 2341, 2740, 2760, 2780, 281R
Computer Science: CS 1400, CS 1410, CS 2300, CS 2420, MATH 1210, ENGL 1010
Software Engineering: CS 1400, CS 1410, CS 2300, CS 2420, MATH 1210, ENGL 1010

Why aren’t CR/NC accepted in all programs?

Some of the programs in our college have or are seeking accreditation and must have letter grades in order to keep or earn accreditation. Other programs require letter grades because they are required for students to achieve licensure in their field. Program matriculation requirements are higher then what is being accepted for the CR grade.

Are there any courses in my major that require a letter grade and not a CR to graduate?

The programs that do NOT accept CR are:

  • Architecture - All Courses
  • Business/Marketing Education - All Courses
  • Computer Science - Matriculation Courses
  • Digital Media - Matriculation Courses
  • Engineering - All Courses
  • Surveying - All Courses
Please contact your advisor with any questions.

Will portfolio submissions still have the same due date or will they be postponed?

Yes, portfolio submissions will continue with digital submission.

What if I’m not sure what department my degree is part of?

You can find this in the catalog by searching for your degree and then clicking on the Department tab.

What is happening with graduation?

You can still apply for graduation and receive your diploma. Please see these websites for current updates on graduation ceremonies and Grad Fest.

What if I have questions about grading options on group assignments?

Contact your instructor with specific questions and concerns about group work and how it will be graded.

I was wondering how to make the change from a letter grade to credit/no-credit.

Please read through UVU's grading website and fill out the Grade Mode Selection Form located there.

I am a Computer Science major and currently have a 4.0 GPA, but I'm thinking about switching to credit/no credit for one of my classes that I'm not doing as well in this semester. However, I'm planning on applying for law school after I graduate, and the LSAC will count a punitive credit/no credit as an F. If I pick the credit/no credit option for one of my CS classes, is it considered non-punitive?

Please refer to Spring 2020 Grading on Grad School:

Do you have plans for grad school? CR/NC grades may not be accepted, or may make you less competitive! While we'd like to think that schools around the state, nation, and world will be lenient for Spring 2020, no one can guarantee it.

If you have been conditionally accepted into a graduate program contingent on your completing a specific course with a minimum letter grade in order to be fully admitted into the graduate program, the CR/NC option may not work for you.

For current UVU graduate students, please check with your graduate program for information about whether or not CR/NC graded courses may be used towards your master's degree or graduate certificate.

Dear Student,

We hope the information provided on UVU and this web page will help you decide among the options of Credit, No Credit, and the Letter Grade. In case you have any questions about the options, in the box below, please indicate your program name and state your question clearly, and we will do our best to find an answer to your question.