Create a Legacy

“There’s no telling just how much one heart in the right place can do.”

Michael McClean

Some wish to make a donation in honor of a family member or professor; some wish to ensure a bright future for students or the institution in which they graduated, and some wish to see the value of a solid investment in the students and programs at Utah Valley University. No matter the reason, creating or contributing to an endowment or scholarship fund takes root as your gift is invested and grows with time. The good you hope to do starts at once, builds each year, and lasts forever.

It is hard to measure the individual and personal impact of donations individuals like yourselves have graciously made on behalf of our students and programs. The lives of individuals have been positively and dramatically changed and can be directly correlated to the generosity of a donor. A student’s life can be transformed because a donation helped to provide much needed funds for tuition, books, or supplies. Private donations in support of student resources such as a tutoring lab or learning equipment contributes to the student success and engagement. Any size donation makes a positive difference and contributes to the lasting legacy that individual student will make in his/her life and in our community.

Other ways to strengthen your commitment:

  •  Ask your employer if they participate in a matching gifts program.
  •  Consider participating in an annual contribution to our engaged learning programs.
  •  Give to UVU College of Engineering & Technology with appreciated stock and securities, or through donor advised funds.
  •  Leave UVU in your will or estate plans, utilize other planned giving vehicles.

Thank You From Our Students

man and woman--who is also holding a child on her hip-holding a child's hand as they walk down a forest path


"Once I graduate with my bachelor's degree in civil engineering, I hope to work for the Utah Department of Public Transport (UDOT). My educational goals would not have been possible without such a generous scholarship donation from you. Thank you for helping me reach my personal and professional goals.”

-Maia Chaston, sophomore, civil engineering



2 smiling, female UVU graduates in cap and gown standing back to back


"I'm thankful and honored that I have been selected to recieve this scholarship. This scholarship has truly been a prayer answered from above. Words cannot express how grateful I am to recieve this scholarship and one day I can pay forth this kindness to someone else.”

-Maika Hafoka, senior, construction management