The College of Engineering & Technology prepares students for successful careers
or advanced study in a dynamic, technology-based, global environment.

The College utilizes an engaged learning environment to provide the needed technical knowledge, skills,
and scholarship that enable students to excel in their chosen profession.

In addition, the College is committed to mutually enriching relationships with alumni, government, regional industry - and beyond,
to supplement the classroom, provide real-world experience, and foster a desire for lifelong learning.

Currently we are engaged in two special projects:

The Campaign for Culinary Arts

The UVU Culinary Arts Institute offers premier training in culinary arts for those students interested in cooking or creating foods in areas such as full-service restaurants, hotels and resorts, private catering, airlines, schools, hospitals, and care facilities.

Since the institute’s inception in 1989, more than one thousand graduates have come through the program. Today, the Institute provides individual courses to more than 350 students throughout the University and trains 50-60 Culinary Arts Majors. Institute students regularly earn medals in the American Culinary Federation Competitions both locally and nationally, and graduates are in high demand. The waiting list for this ex­tremely competitive program routinely exceeds 300 students.

As part of a strategic effort to grow the quality and impact of the program, we have begun a campaign to build cutting-edge kitchens and labs at the Institute. These new kitchens will allow for greater enrollment and programs for students to specialize.

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The Endowment in Engaged Learning in Architecture & Engineering Design

Each year a group of Utah Valley University Architecture & Engineering Design (AED) Students and Faculty travel to Israel as part of UVU's engaged learning partnership with the Beit Lehi Foundation and Hebrew University. Approached in 2009 by the Beit Lehi Foundation for their unique skill sets, UVU Students were asked to digitally survey and map an archeological site dating back thousands of years.

The Beit Lehi project site is located on and adjacent to a military base approximately 22 miles south of Jerusalem. The site is home to countless ancient subterranean chambers and tunnels, including olive presses, ceremonial baths and even a Byzantine Chapel with its mosaic floor beautifully preserved. It is also home to the largest underground Columbarium in the known world. Using high-tech digital scanners to create 3D renderings of the underground chambers, UVU Students map and model both the surface and subterranean areas to assist archeologists and historians in telling the Beit Lehi story.

This ongoing, internationally-recognized project provides UVU Students with global experience, allowing them to engage in serious research that is of interest to the world's major religions, archeological organizations, and historians around the world. The site is widely considered the second most significant site in Israel - and UVU Students and Faculty are at the center of this amazing, globally prominent effort.

The Beit Lehi Project allows UVU Students to engage their knowledge of applied principles of today to connect us to the world of yesterday.

We invite you to take part in history by supporting the AED engaged learning project and the student participants

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