Student's lives are changed forever thanks to the kindness of our Donors.

Thank You!

Portrait of Brian Hill

“Receiving a scholarship was crucial in my educational pursuit at UVU. Starting a family while finishing up my last three semesters brought many difficulties...UVU and its donors took care of me and I will be forever grateful.”

— Brian Hill

Portrait of Rubi G Hernandez

“The scholarships I have received have helped me to really focus my time in what really matters to me. These grants are in great part responsible for my graduation with not just one focus of my major, but several. Scholarship donations can facilitate learning and make an outstanding difference.... plus it’s great advertising!”

— Rubi G. Hernandez, Construction Management Major

Portrait of Grant Matheson

“My scholarship was a fantastic help. It helped me stay out of debt, which is invaluable for me! Your scholarship donation makes a huge difference! Even a half ride or a few hundred dollars to help pay the bills is incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

— Grant Matheson, Digital Audio Major

Portrait of Michael Stewart

“To put it simply, my scholarships have made it possible for me to attend school debt free, which in return has let me shift my focus from the stress of paying for school and has allowed me to focus most of my time and effort into my classes and achieving my end goal. Thanks so much!”

— Michael Stewart, Geomatics Major

Portrait of Clayton Dalton

"My scholarship has been a real blessing in my life. I would like to tell business owners/CEOs that donating to the scholarship fund is investing in the community and future employees. The money goes a long way and the students who have been touched by their generosity won’t forget it.”

— Clayton Dalton, Software Engineering Major