Contributions from alumni, community partners, parents, faculty, staff, students and friends of UVU
make an impact in shaping the minds and changing the lives of our students.

Even modest contributions, when pooled together, create opportunities for academic success.

There are various opportunities for giving such as funding scholarships, engaged learning activities,
and support for program growth. Not all donations are monetary.

The College of Engineering & Technology accepts in-kind donations of equipment and materials for use
in classrooms and hands on learning projects, gifts of stock, and gifts of real estate, and automobiles.

Employer Based Matching Gifts

Many or our alumni and students work for companies who sponsor an employee based matching gift program. These programs will match a cash donation given to UVU. Some employers will equate employee service hours into cash donations. Check with your HR department when making a gift to the College of Engineering & Technology. Please be sure to mention the program or area you would like to support as the checks that come to UVU will come from your employer and unless you direct the funds will go into the general funds of the University.

In-Kind Donations

In-kind donations are gifts given in lieu of cash. Prior to accepting the in-kind donation, The College of Engineering & Technology accepts will review the gift based its appropriateness in its use to our academic programs. If the gift is more appropriate to in another area of the University, we may direct the gift in that area. In-kind donations are accepted by the UVU Foundation, and should be reported at the fair market value. If the item or items in the aggregate are valued at more than $5,000, the item(s) will require an appraisal by an independent, expert appraiser. The gift acknowledgement receipt will not reflect a dollar amount, rather, the amount and tax-deductible nature of the gift will be determined by the donor and the donor's tax advisor.

Gifts of Stock

Stock and bond gifts are welcomed if they are listed on an exchange daily, regularly traded in over-the-counter markets for which published quotations are available, or shares of a regularly reported mutual fund.

Planned Gifts

Alumni and families can create a legacy in the College of Engineering & Technology by utilizing a planned giving vehicle such as gift of land, stock, real estate, and leaving a bequest. Please speak to the Director of Development to assist in helping you to create your gift.