About the Facility:

We anticipate building an advanced, innovative, and experiential 200,000 square-foot engineering building that will enable for engaged learning opportunities and is desiged with:

  • Instrumentation: Provide a smart, sensor-instrumented building in which UVU and K-12 students, researchers, industry, and community can learn.
  • Interaction environments: Provide comfortable spaces for students to develop and sense ownership, forge collaborative learning, study, and participate in college events.

Estimated total
building cost:

$75 million

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A Call for Support

We invite you to consider generously supporting our vision to build a state-of-the-art engineering and technology facility that will fulfill student aspirations, benefit Utah's economy, and improve the quality of life for our citizens here and others around the world.

Once housed in this advanced facility and teaching environment, the College of Engineering and Technology will produce a career-ready workforce dedicated to providing Utah's communities a better, sustainable quality of life.

One Hundred Percent of Your Gift Goes Directly to the University

Your entire gift goes to the priority of your choice. By sharing your means with Utah Valley University, or any of its educational programs, you are able to enrich the lives of students and faculty who, in turn, will lift others

To learn more, please contact Saeed Moaveni, dean of the College of Engineering and Technology at 801.863.8237, or by email at saeed.moaveni@uvu.edu

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