Mission Statement

We strive to create an environment that encourages learning multidisciplinary cooperation and excellence and to provide the opportunity for students to fill leadership roles and gain real-world knowledge about engineering, teamwork, and all related fields.

What is Baja SAE?

A team of students who design, fabricate, compete, and market an off-road vehicle within the parameters of SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers).

Objective: To provide undergraduate students with a real-world opportunity to effectively communicate, deal with time restraints, learn teamwork, and project management.

Digital of of baja car
image of students working on digital rendering of baja car
Images of students working on baja car

Meet the Team

First Region (Section 3)

Second Region (Section 3)

Third Region (Section 3)


First Region (Section 4)

Second Region (Section 4)

Third Region (Section 4)

Contact Us

Christopher Field

Team Lead

(360) 591-6433

James Torgersen


(801) 349-0033

Mitchell Myler

Business Lead

(315) 379-5075

Jeff Holm

Head Faculty Advisor

(801) 863-5737