Remote Access to Lab Computers

To remotely access a computer in a lab...

1) Get VPN Access

2) Once you have VPN access and are connected to the VPN, you need to do remote desktop.


Remote Desktop instructions for Windows...

1) In the windows search area, type "Remote Desktop".  You'll see "Remote Desktop Connection".

2) Launch this application.

3) In this application, you'll see "Computer".  Next to the "Computer" type in the name of the computer you wish to access. e.g. CS711-17.

      (The available computers are listed below, under each lab.)

4) You'll also need to click on the "Show Options" at the bottom.  Clicking on this button will expand the "Remote Desktop Connection" application.

5) Where it shows "User name:".  Enter the following: AD\<your uvid>   e.g. AD\12345678.

6) Make sure the "Always ask for credentials" box is checked.

7) Click "Connect" at the bottom.

8) At this point, you should be prompted for your uvid password.  Enter it.

     You may get a warning: "The identity of the remote computer cannot be verified.  Do you want to connect anyway?"

     Answer "Yes" at the bottom.

9) You will then be shown a screen of the computer you're connected to.

10) When you're finished remember to sign out. 

11) Lastly, a particular computers may not allow you to remote desktop into it.  The reasons could be one of the following: computer is turned off, computer is being used by someone else, or computer just isn't cooperating for who knows what reason.  If you cannot remote desktop a particular computer.  Choose another one.  :-)


The following labs are available for remote access:

CS 5th Floor

  • CS507 (Consult Tyler Bird  (Dept Chair ET) before accessing a computer in this lab.)
  • CS508 (Consult Tyler Bird  (Dept Chair ET) before accessing a computer in this lab.)
  • CS510
  • CS512
  • CS514
  • CS515
  • CS517
  • CS518

CS 6th Floor

CS 7th Floor

GT Building