G/I University Distinction

The Global/Intercultural Engagement track is geared toward students who wish to have a structured emphasis on global, intercultural, and issues of diversity during their collegiate career and offers students an opportunity to interact with diverse ideas and people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. 


Distinction Requirements

  • Students must apply
  • Successful completion of 4 G/I (global/intercultural)
  • Successful completion of the G/I professionalization course (this class can count as one of your 4 required G/I courses)
  • Practicum/Co-curricular experience:
    • Participants can chose to do ONE of the following two options:

1)  Practicum:
200 hours of community interaction with an approved agency. Agency and experience must receive approval from the G/I committee prior to participation. Some examples of appropriate agencies are listed below, but others may be used as well. 
  • Refugee
    • Asian Association
    • Catholic Community Services of Utah
    • International Rescue Committee
  • Homeless Shelters
    • Rescue Mission of Salt Lake
    • The Road Home
    • Homeless Youth Resource Center
    • Community Action Services and Food Bank of Provo
  • Centers
    • Utah Pride Center
    • Utah State Developmental Center
2)  Co-curricular:
Participation in one domestic multicultural experience or international outbound program approved by G/I committee prior to the experience.
  • Diversity Dialogue/ Global Spotlight 

Diversity Dialogues is series of discussion-based interactions over topics that are sensitive, but important to openly discuss in a safe and respectful space. For more information regarding Diversity Dialogue click here 

Global Spotlight is a unique program at Utah Valley University and is housed in the Office of International & Multicultural Studies. It is carefully designed with the intent to trigger global and intercultural engagement across campus and within the community. For more information regarding Global Spotlight click here


  • Create a Portfolio reflecting on all of the above

  • Student will give a culminating presentation at the end of the experience illustrating what was learned from practicum/co-curriculum experience. 


Interim Department Chair - Secondary Education
Director of Intercultural Academic Programming 
Center for Global/Intercultural Engagement
waitebr@uvu.edu | 801.863.6721              


Department Chair, Associate Professor
Communication Department
colvinja@uvu.edu | 801.863.7282


Administrative Assistant to the Director of Intercultural Programming