Chemistry Study Resources

Your Chemistry Textbook

Beginning to study the textbook for your CHEM 1210 course (or reviewing a textbook from a previous chemistry class) can be an excellent way to review basic chemistry and prepare for your course.


Your Chemistry Instructor

Attending class regularly and asking questions are important to getting the most out of your chemistry course. However, talking to your instructor during office hours or during scheduled times in the tutoring center can help to answer any questions you may have and check your understanding of course material.


UVU Academic Tutoring

The Academic Tutoring Center, located in LA 201, is a great resource for help from experienced UVU students in chemistry as well as other science courses (they also help with non-science courses). They also offer Supplemental Instruction tutors who attend certain introductory science classes and hold tutoring sessions afterward.


UVU Math Lab

A solid math foundation through college algebra is essential to success in chemistry. For excellent math reviews can be found at the UVU Math Lab, located in LA 201, and on their website at



This offers an extensive dictionary of terms and symbols used in the organic chemistry courses.


Other Study Resource

The website contains lecture slides regarding a variety of topics in chemistry.  This website also includes chapters from the textbook Introductory Chemistry Online by Paul R. Young, including chapter answers and tutorials. This website is a helpful tool for students to review concepts they may be having a difficult time with or just for extra practice and preparation.


An Introduction to Chemistry by Mark Bishop

The website contains a variety of tools for students to use to help them prepare for chemistry or to review with concepts they struggle with. The website has many animations, tutorials, quizzes, PowerPoint's, audio lectures, and modules to help students understand some of the basic concepts covered in an introductory chemistry course.


Khan Academy

This website has many quality short videos explaining the core topics of an introductory chemistry course. It also has materials for organic chemistry and other science and math areas as well.

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