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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get declared as a Chemistry Major?

  • After you have completed Principles of Chemistry I (CHEM 1210), talk to Tom Liljegren, the Chemistry Department Advisor, to get declared as a major.

How can I tell how close am I to graduating?

  • At any time you can pull up your Wolverine Track degree audit report, which you can access via myUVU (on the “student” tab under “planning your education”). This report will show exactly what requirements you have completed and what you have remaining. You can also make semester scheduling plans and apply for graduation on Wolverine Track. For more information on Wolverine Track, see

What if I am having trouble registering for a class that has a co-requisite lab?

  • For courses that have co-requisite labs (such as CHEM 1210 and 1215 or CHEM 3000 and 3005) you are required to register for both the class and the lab in same registration “submit” click. You can do this either by 1) copying both of their CRN number into the registration space, 2) clicking to add both to your "worksheet”, or 3) using advanced search to select all CHEM courses and then select the two at the same time. You can view a video example of how to register for co-requisite courses.

How do I register for classes?

  • Once you have been admitted to UVU and have any registration holds removed, you may register for classes using myUVU. You can find information on how to register online.

What can I do if the class I need is full?

  • If a course you are registering for is full, you may register for the wait-list. This will place you on a list of students seeking to register in the course. Each time a student drops from the course, the person at the top of the wait list will have a chance to enroll in the course. Go to your detail schedule on myUVU to view what position you are on the wait list. An email is sent to your UVU email if you are at the top of the waitlist and able to register for the course in the next 24-hours. Make sure to check your University email daily to ensure you don’t miss your registration window.

Can I take the course and its lab separate?

  • Courses and their labs are designed to be taken together. For some courses (such as CHEM 3000 Analytical Chemistry and the CHEM 3005 Analytical Chemistry Lab) they must be taken together and you will receive one grade for both. However, due to the high demand for many chemistry labs, getting into a lab for a course can be difficult. For other courses (such as Principles of Chemistry I and II or Organic Chemistry I and II), classes and labs can be taken separately when necessary. Talk to Tom Liljegren, the Chemistry Department Advisor, if this is necessary for you.

Do I have to use my UVU Email?

  • Your University email will contain important University announcements and may also be used by professors, instructors, and advisors to contact you. If you don’t plan on checking this e-mail regularly, you can have it forwarded to any other email through the “Options” menu.