Chinese Initiative

Chinese Initiative

Chinese Education is a top priority at Utah Valley University. The jobs that many of our students will have don't even exist right now, and we believe a major key will involve relationships with and in China. Our Strategic Chinese program is designed to educate students in a variety of Chinese areas including culture, language, education, politics, philosophy, technology, business and history. UVU has always been very facile in anticipating community needs. Chinese education is one of those needs.

UVU strives to become a regional destination for graduating high school seniors who want to further their Chinese language study. UVU has developed courses and degrees in Chinese Cultural Studies and Chinese language. The university also provides complementary courses in political science, economics, business, culture, philosophy, and history.

Utah Valley University will become a source for area businesses seeking to learn more about "Doing Business With China." The goal of understanding China through the eyes of the business community is a top priority for President Matthew Holland. UVU is providing a number of keynote speakers, conferences and workshops around the theme of doing business in China. Supported by the Woodbury School of Business and the China Initiative Committee, these programs are open to the community.

The State of Utah has formed several alliances with Chinese Business and Educational Communities. Utah Valley University is active with the State of Utah in these alliances and will provide the community information about prudent opportunities or activities in China.

Utah Valley University has strong academic programs, personnel, and facilities that can be leveraged and quickly scaled to deliver an academically rigorous, interdisciplinary curriculum that aligns with the needs of businesses and agencies. to provide a pipeline of trained specialists on a rapid basis. In addition, those same programs can be tailored to provide necessary language and other training and certification for individuals as well as federal, state, and local government and non-government entities.