Firefighter Recruit Candidate Academy Accreditation

Firefighter Recruit Candidate Academy Accreditation

The Firefighter Recruit Candidate Academy (RCA) has once more received accreditation for its superior program. 

“It was obvious the program’s personnel are dedicated to delivering the best possible program,” said Chief Paul Hewitt of the Park City Fire Department and member of the Utah Fire Service Standards and Training Council

To qualify for renewal of their accreditation, the Utah Valley University RCA had to make sure their program was in tip-top shape. Otherwise, they risked losing their ability to graduate students.

Program director, Andy Byrnes, and administrator, Donna Cotterell, recently received a certificate signifying the honor after preparing the program for weeks leading up to the accreditation process which included an on-site review by four accreditation council members.

“The on-site evaluation is very thorough,” Byrnes said. “They look at everything—facilities, policies and procedures, you name it and they make sure it’s well put together.”

Students were interviewed by the council members who conducted the visit. Some instructors were also interviewed. The evaluators observed a test being taken, and the students who participated demonstrated their teamwork and capability.

This accreditation process takes place every five years and ensures the RCA is meeting proper regulations and standards set by the Utah Fire Service Standards and Training Council. 

Byrnes and the RCA remain committed to creating the best firefighters possible, “We want our future students to rest assured that they will be in the right place to get their training.”

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