Before applying to the UVU Respiratory Therapy program, you must have completed all the below prerequisites and then fill out an application.


Grade Minimums

All required courses must be completed PRIOR to application. C grade or higher is necessary in all required courses.



Note all classes marked with * have UVU prerequisites

Course Number Course Name
ENGL 1010* & 2010* Introduction to Writing and Intermediate Writing
BIOL 1610* College Biology
CHEM 1110* Elementary Chemistry
PSY 1110 OR 1010 Human Development Lifespan or General Psychology
HLTH 1100 OR PES 1097 Personal Health and Wellness or Fitness for Life
QL (Math)* Quantitative Literacy (Math) Course
ZOOL 2320* Human Anatomy
ZOOL 2325* Human Anatomy Lab
ZOOL 2420* Human Physiology
ZOOL 2425* Human Physiology Lab
PHYS 1010* Elementary Physics
RESP 1540 Survey of Respiratory Care
MICR 2060 & MICR 2065* Microbiology and Lab



Course work must be on an official transcript and articulated into the UVU system by the end of the application period or the application will not be valid. If you are a transfer student, submit official transcripts to UVU Admissions Office at least 3 weeks prior to the end of the application period. If your grades are not articulated and in the UVU Banner System by the application deadline, you are not eligible for that application period.


Acceptable Scores

Pass/Fail or Credit/No Credit Grades and ACT scores are not accepted for prerequisite course work unless the ACT or SAT awards student college level QL math credit, meeting the quantitative literacy requirement. AP Credits can be accepted as fulfilling prerequisite requirements. A score of 3 = B+, 4 = A-, and 5 = A.


Repeating Course Work

Repeating course work for a better grade is an option, but each course can only be repeated once within a 5-year time period. Only the most recent grade will satisfy the degree requirement and be calculated in the Respiratory Therapy application GPA.



TEAS test completion is required prior to application. The most current version is required, with a one-year transition if a new version is created by ATI. The Respiratory Therapy program accepts one attempt per application period, with no more than two attempts in five years. If you have two scores, you will choose which of the completed tests to submit. There will be no mixing of test scores. Scores are valid for five years. If you want to use a past TEAS score, clarify with the Pre-Respiratory Therapy advisor that it is valid. Currently only TEAS VI and higher are accepted. Expired TEAS scores will not be considered in reviewing your application, which could result in your ineligibility.

Scores submitted with previous applications are NOT maintained by the Respiratory Therapy program. It is your responsibility to keep copies of your scores. Any score below 50% makes the test ineligible. If taking the exam at the UVU Testing Center (located in the Wolverine Services Center), applicants must obtain a TEAS voucher at the front desk of LC #402. Test study material is available at ATI Testing.


Application Semester

Each application for acceptance into the program is valid only for the specific semester it was submitted. The application cannot be forwarded or acceptance deferred to future semesters. The Respiratory Therapy program does not store TEAS scores for future use.


TOEFL Scores

English Language Proficiency (TOEFL) scores will be required for all students whose native language is not English. A minimum TOEFL score is 560 written, 220 computer or 83 IBT, and has to be taken within the past 2 years. The TOEFL scores must be provided with the respiratory therapy application. TOEFL options can be discussed with the pre-respiratory therapy counselor.

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